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What are GoHighlevel Coupons?

Coupons are codes or promotional offers used on websites to receive discounts or special deals on products or services. You may find a field asking for a coupon code during checkout when shopping online. If you have a valid coupon code, you can enter it into this field to apply the discount or deal to your order.

Coupons can come in many forms, including percentage-off discounts, dollar amount discounts, free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free deals, and more. Some coupons may have restrictions or expiration dates, so reading the terms and conditions before using them is essential.

Many websites offer coupons as a way to incentivize customers to make purchases or to reward loyal customers. You can often find coupons by signing up for email newsletters, following a company on social media, or using a search engine to look for deals and discounts.

What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

GoHighlevel, or just Highlevel as its users call it, is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for marketing agencies and small businesses. The GoHighlevel platform offers every tool needed to run a business successfully at a fixed monthly cost. The GoHighlevel platform allows you to Whitelabel their software so agencies can use this platform and brand it like it was their own. This allows agencies to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) business and an additional monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Typically, agencies would perform a job for their client, like building a website or running Facebook ads, only to have the job end or the client cancel their service. Now, agencies have to continue to market to find another client. Now, with GoHighlevel, you can migrate your clients off whatever CRM, email marketing tool, phone system, or funnel software they may be using and run their business entirely off the GoHighlevel platform. The best thing about this is that your clients pay you monthly for these services. You can charge $297, $497, or whatever you want to charge for these services, and your client continues to pay for these each month like a utility, creating a stable recurring monthly revenue.

GoHighlevel sets no limits for its users on any paid plan so that you can have unlimited contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. There are also no limits for storage, so you can host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients may have.

gohighlevel coupons

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Why use Coupons?

Digital coupons can be an effective tool in a marketing funnel because they can help attract potential customers, incentivize them to purchase, and encourage them to become repeat customers. Here are a few reasons why digital coupons can be beneficial in a funnel:

  • Attracting new customers: Offering a digital coupon can be a great way to attract new customers who might be interested in your product or service but haven’t tried it before. You can entice them to make their first purchase by offering a discount or other incentive.
  • Encouraging purchases: Once a customer is in the consideration stage of the funnel, a digital coupon can help encourage them to make a purchase. By offering a discount or other incentive, you can make your product or service more appealing and increase the likelihood of a sale.
  • Building customer loyalty: By offering digital coupons to customers who have already purchased, you can encourage them to become repeat customers. Offering a discount or other incentive can show them that you value their business and are interested in building a long-term relationship.

How to set up Coupons in GoHighlevel?

Creating and using coupons in GoHighlevel is simple and takes just a few minutes to set up. You must get logged into GoHighlevel in the sub-account for which you want to create the coupon. Select the Payment option on the main menu, then click Coupons. 

Here is the coupon setup screen.

coupon screen

Coupon Name

Give a descriptive name to the coupon.

Coupon Code

This code is used in the coupon code box on your funnel. You can create whatever you want or have the system generate a code. You must generate a new coupon for every code you want to create.

Coupon Type 

You can choose “Fixed Price” or “Percentage.”  For instance, on the fixed price, you can offer $10 off or choose a percentage and offer 10% off. 

Start Date and Start Time 

You must provide a start date on the coupon but not necessarily a start time. If you choose a date, the coupon will be live at midnight. 

End Date and Time 

You can choose an end date and time, but the coupon will never expire if left blank.

Limit the number of times used

If you select this option, you can provide the number of times this code can be used. This works well with a promotion like “The first 100 people that buy ..” 

Limit to selected products

To use this feature, the product for which you apply the code must already be created. You can select this dropdown list and choose whatever product the code applies to. You can only apply one code per product. 

Using Coupons in Your Funnels

Coupon codes in GoHighlevel are associated with the one- and two-step order form elements. You can use coupons anywhere the order form element can be used in GoHighlevel. 

To enable coupons on your order form, add the order form to a page, then go to the advanced tab of that element and turn the Coupon Option toggle switch on. Once enabled, the coupon box appears on the order form. Coupons are now active on your page, and GoHighlevel automatically applies the coupon to the total on the page whenever used.

coupon toggle

GoHighlevel Coupons Conclusion

GoHighlevel coupon codes are a great tool to use in your marketing. They are simple to implement and give customers a reason to buy your product or service. This is another excellent feature in the GoHighlevel platform to help support your business and provide additional revenue possibilities. 

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