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What is GoHighlevel Saas Client Payment Failure?

When users are on the Agency Pro plan and you have clients in SaaS Mode, sometimes their credit card payments fail. Let’s see how you should handle it.

What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

GoHighlevel, or just Highlevel as its users call it, is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for marketing agencies and small businesses. The GoHighlevel platform offers every tool needed to run a business successfully at a fixed monthly cost. The GoHighlevel platform allows you to Whitelabel their software so agencies can use this platform and brand it like it was their own. This allows agencies to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) business and an additional monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Typically, agencies would perform a job for their client, like building a website or running Facebook ads, only to have the job end or the client cancel their service. Now, agencies have to continue to market to find another client. Now, with GoHighlevel, you can migrate your clients off whatever CRM, email marketing tool, phone system, or funnel software they may be using and run their business entirely off the GoHighlevel platform. The best thing about this is that your clients pay you monthly for these services. You can charge $297, $497, or whatever you want to charge for these services, and your client continues to pay for these each month like a utility, creating a stable recurring monthly revenue.

GoHighlevel sets no limits for its users on any paid plan so that you can have unlimited contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. There are also no limits for storage so you can host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients may have.

gohighlevel saas client payment failure

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How do you handle SaaS payment failure in GoHighlevel?

If you currently have or want to start a SaaS company, you will, at some point, deal with clients who won’t pay your monthly fee. It could be simple as their credit card expired and they have not updated it, or they are upset with your service and refusing to pay. Whatever the reason, if you are using GoHighlevel to provide SaaS to your clients, I want to show you how you can set up your agency to catch those clients who aren’t paying and how to stop them from accessing your system automatically when their payment fails.

There is an automatic and manual way to handle this problem. It depends on what GoHighlevel plan you have. 

Agency Pro (Automatic Way $497- month plan)

I always recommend that anyone I talk to uses the Agency Pro plan, not because it’s the most expensive but because it automatically handles all your billing problems. There are multiple additional revenue streams you can make with this plan. 

Once you set up a client on a SaaS plan, they will be charged each month on the credit card on file by your stripe account. Stripe communicates with GoHighlevel and lets it know when a payment has failed. That is how it can be understood that a client’s payment has failed. 

A new feature option in the SaaS Configurator allows users on this plan to pause client accounts automatically when their payment fails. Not only will GoHighlvel do this automatically, but additional measures will be provided to enable the clients to pay to restore their accounts without contacting your agency. Let’s look at some of these settings.

In the Saas Configurator, you want to check the box next to “Suspend Sub-Account when their SaaS subscription fails” on the left-hand side of your configurator screen. This is the feature that will suspend their account. 

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Agency Unlimited (Manual way $297 – month plan)

Users using this plan must do all their billing to clients manually. You must bill clients for your monthly fee and any additional charges such as calls, text messages, and emails. So, the agency must invoice the client and wait for payment based on the net terms due in their contract. It is up to the agency to manually pause the client’s account when payment has not been made. 

To pause an account, you have to go to the Agency menu, then go to Subaccounts, then click on the subaccount you want to pause, and from the actions menu, choose Pause account. 

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You will have to confirm the account to be paused.

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When the account is paused, you will see a message like this on the subaccounts screen.

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Paused Screen Messages

The message the client receives on their computers will differ depending on how the account is set up.

Regular Account

This type of account gets a message like this on the screen. They have to call or email the agency to reinstate the account manually.

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SaaS Account

If they are SaaS customers, then they will receive a screen that looks like this where they can get their account reactivated themselves.

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Resuming Account

Once payment for services has been processed, the account can resume. For regular customers and users on the Agency Unlimited plan, an agency user must go into the agency account and then into the SubAccounts menu. Select the click that has been paused and use the Actions menu to resume the account.


You must confirm to resume the account.

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The account will resume, and users can log in to their account.

GoHighlevel SaaS Client Payment Failure Conclusion

The Gohighlevel system is an excellent platform for building a SaaS company. All the tools you need to define monthly plans, accept payments, and even automatically handle payment failures. On the Agency Pro account, agencies can make additional monthly money from the rebilling services included with that plan. 

Thank you for reading my article, and have a great day.  

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