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What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

GoHighlevel, or just Highlevel as its users call it, is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for marketing agencies and small businesses. The GoHighlevel platform offers every tool needed to run a business successfully at a fixed monthly cost. The GoHighlevel platform allows you to Whitelabel their software so agencies can use this platform and brand it like it was their own. This allows agencies to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) business and an additional monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Typically, agencies would perform a job for their client, like building a website or running Facebook ads, only to have the job end or the client cancel their service. Now, agencies have to continue to market to find another client. Now, with GoHighlevel, you can migrate your clients off whatever CRM, email marketing tool, phone system, or funnel software they may be using and run their business entirely off the GoHighlevel platform. The best thing about this is that your clients pay you monthly for these services. You can charge $297, $497, or whatever you want to charge for these services, and your client continues to pay for these each month like a utility, creating a stable recurring monthly revenue.

GoHighlevel sets no limits for its users on any paid plan so that you can have unlimited contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. There are also no limits for storage, so you can host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients may have.

gohighlevel saas

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What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a name that has been around for several years. It’s a software licensing model where people subscribe to the service. A typical example of SaaS is Netflix. Netflix provides people with an app that allows for video streaming services with a monthly subscription.

What are the Highlevel SaaS Mode Specifics?

SaaS mode is a feature of the Highlevel software system that allows users to resell the software to their clients. There are three Highlevel pricing plans available currently, but only two of them allow SaaS mode configuration, and out of those two, I recommend the Highlevel Agency Pro plan. 

The Highlevel Pro plan offers you several advantages that the other plan does not. With the Pro plan, you can automate the account creation and billing processes and upcharge standard software services like phone calls, text messaging, and email. So, anytime your clients use these services, you profit from them. Highlevel allows you to charge up to 10x the costs of the original services to your clients. You can see how this can be a significant revenue stream for your business when you have many clients. 

Another huge advantage that the Pro plan offers is the SaaS configurator. It’s a tool that Highlevel developed within their software that allows users to create multiple pricing plans and specify which Highlevel features they want on each pricing plan.

The Highlevel SaaS mode cost is irrelevant mainly because you can generate much revenue from the software platform.

Highlevel SaaS Configurator

The SaaS configurator is an agency dashboard setting in the Highlevel software that allows users to configure their custom pricing plans. The configurator has several areas within the dashboard that control different settings. The plans that you create are automatically created in your stripe account. Let’s go over each area and explore the available settings. 

Customizing SaaS plans

In my opinion, this is the best part of the SaaS configurator. In this dashboard area, you can choose the standard plans Highlevel recommends or create custom pricing plans. Here is what the Recommended Plan looks like.

highlevel saas configurator

When using this plan, you cannot adjust the features of each plan. I do not like this, so I always use the Build Your Own Plan option.

highlevel saas configurator

SaaS Plan Pricing

At the top of the screen, you will see monthly and yearly pricing for each plan. You can set these to whatever you desire. If you wish to provide a discount for your yearly plan, you can set the yearly price to have a one or two months discount. 

Once you save the configuration, Highlevel uses your Stripe account connection to set up the monthly and yearly plans as products for you. This is very useful because when you are ready to build your sales funnel in Highlevel, you can use your Stripe account products directly in your funnel and offer monthly and yearly plans. No further product configuration is needed. 

SaaS Plan Features

This option allows you to drag and drop features to different plans. Each plan includes the features in the lower-priced plans.

SaaS Plan Complimentary Credits

Each plan allows you to offer complimentary credits to your clients. A credit is configured in dollars but converts to giving a certain number of phone calls, texts, or email messages free each month based on how much you have marked those services up. 

For example, if you provide a $10 credit each month and each email costs $.007 per email, your client is allowed to use $10/$.007 or 1428 emails your client can send before they start being charged. The credit is optional and entirely up to you if you wish to implement it. If you do not want to use credits, enter $0 in each field.

SaaS Plan Attach Snapshot

In Highlevel, they have created a snapshot feature. It is a way to create an image of one account and copy it to another. This is handy, especially when dealing with clients in the same niche.

Let’s say that you have a client in the chiropractic niche. This type of client may need a website, sales funnels, workflow automation to handle leads, and email and text templates and campaigns. Rather than having to set up every client from scratch, you can create a template account with all these pieces of information and then create a snapshot, or image, of the account and save it in Highlevel. Then in the future, whenever you have a new client sign up for your services, you can create a new account from the snapshot, and you will have all the information in the account without having to set it up again.

Once you have created the snapshot, you can set which one gets loaded on each plan whenever someone signs up. Wow, that is fantastic.

SaaS Plan Options

On the dashboard, you have several options to consider regarding your plans.

highlevel saas configurator

Trial Period

You can set a trial period for your clients if you wish. You can set it to 0 to 30 days with this option. If you do not want to offer this, slide the enable button over to turn it off. If you want to enable it, slide the bar over to the correct number of days for the free trial and then save the changes.

Account Setup Charges

You can also set up charges for your accounts if you wish, but you do not set them up on this dashboard. The link will send you to a helpful article that tells you how to set it up.

Sub Account Options

These checkboxes allow you to enable or disable the features by checking the options that you want to be enabled. I have them all checked to give my clients all the options they may want. 

The last option to suspend the sub-account is a relatively new feature. If there is a problem charging the credit card on file for the client, the system locks everyone out of the account, and Highlevel gives them a screen that says your account has been suspended due to lack of payment contact your provider. 

Twilio Resell Settings

Highlevel uses Twilio as its phone and text provider. If you look at the option below, you will see that you can enable this feature and charge anywhere from 1-10x the cost for these services to your clients. The screen will show you your costs from the agency’s perspective and, in turn, what your clients will be charged. They also provide you an idea of what a client would receive if you provided them a $10 credit on their account and how that translates to the number of service options you receive.  

You also see the profit you make per occurrence on this screen so you can project future revenue. Nice right !!!!.

twilio settings

Email Resell Settings

Highlevel uses Mailgun as its default email provider. You can configure another provider if you wish. The screen below is the same as the previously reviewed text screen, so you have the same interface and fields. 

email settings

Lead Connector – Premium Triggers & Actions

This feature of Highlevel is new and can be accessed in the workflows area. These workflow actions were added so users can reduce their dependencies on Zapier and provide additional team collaboration by integrating into Slack and Google Sheets.

lc premium actions

As the agency owner, these new features cost money, and you can turn these features on for all your sub-accounts. If you do enable them, you also have the option to charge your clients more for these services. You also get the same fields regarding what your clients will be charged and how much profit you make. Highlevel does provide 100 of these services utilized per client for free, and then they are charged at the 101 usages. 

lc premium options cost

GoHighlevel SaaS Conclusion

Highlevel software has quickly become the leader in business software, and I believe the SaaS feature is the primary reason for its success. Did you ever imagine as a business owner having an all-in-one solution for my business and also being able to make money from the same software by reselling it to other businesses with a fixed monthly cost each month? Your business can create entirely new revenue streams from software. 

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