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What are GoHighlevel Snapshots?

Snapshots are a specific term used inside of GoHighlevel. A snapshot is a copy of a client account. Once you have a copy, you can use this snapshot to create new client accounts or use them to deploy updates to existing client accounts. Not all items inside a client account are copied into the snapshot. Here is a list of items that are included with a snapshot. 

  1. Custom Fields
  2. Custom Values
  3. Triggers
  4. Trigger Links
  5. Surveys
  6. Forms
  7. SMS Templates
  8. Email Templates
  9. SMS
  10. Email
  11. Custom Communications
  12. Campaigns
  13. Pipelines
  14. Calendars
  15. Tags
  16. Folders
  17. Funnels
  18. Membership products and offers
  19. Workflows
  20. Teams

No personal data from a client account is ever copied into a snapshot. To include the following.

  • Contacts do not transfer over.
  • Conversations do not transfer over.
  • Tracking codes that you have set up on the backend on websites and or funnels will not transfer.
  • Integrations do not transfer over.
  • Users do not transfer over.
  • Reporting data does not transfer.
  • Reputation does not transfer over.
  • The data is within a custom value.
  • Any customization that is done to the chat widget.
  • Any integrated domains do not transfer
  • company settings inside the companies settings tab do not transfer over.
  • Existing tasks or manual actions do not transfer over.

An important concept to remember is that everything regarding snapshots is always found at the agency level in GoHighlevel. 

What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

GoHighlevel, or just Highlevel as its users call it, is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for marketing agencies and small businesses. The GoHighlevel platform offers every tool needed to run a business successfully at a fixed monthly cost. The GoHighlevel platform allows you to Whitelabel their software so agencies can use this platform and brand it like it was their own. This allows agencies to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) business and an additional monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Typically agencies would perform a job for their client like building a website or running Facebook ads only to have the job end or the client cancel their service. Now, agencies have to continue to market to find another client. Now with GoHighlevel, you can migrate your clients off whatever CRM, email marketing tool, phone system, or funnel software they may be using and run their business entirely off the GoHighlevel platform. The best thing about this is that your clients pay you monthly for these services. You can charge $297, $497, or whatever you want to charge for these services and your client continues to pay for these each month like a utility creating a stable recurring monthly revenue.

GoHighlevel sets no limits for its users on any paid plan so you can have unlimited contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. There are also no limits for storage so you can host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients may have.

gohighlevel snapshots

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How to Create a Snapshot in GoHighlevel?

Creating a snapshot is easy inside of GoHighlevel. Here are the steps to create the snapshot.

  1. Go to your GoHighlevel Agency view
  2. Click on the settings and then go to the Snapshot menu option
  3. On the page, click on the green Create New Snapshot button
  4. Give your snapshot a name and choose the client account you wish to create the snapshot from. 
  5. You are done !!!
settings menu

Types of Snapshots

There are three types of Snapshots in GoHighlevel, vertical, own, and imported. 

Vertical Snapshots

These are snapshots that GoHighlevel offers all clients. They call them Vertical snapshots because each was created explicitly for a certain industry or market. These snapshots can’t be used with the Saas Configurator feature. Here are examples of them.

templates 1
templates 2
templates 3

Own Snapshots

These snapshots are the ones that you, as the client, create for your use. You can use these snapshots with the Saas Configurator. 

Imported Snapshots

A great feature included with snapshots is the ability to share them with other GoHighlevel users. You can generate a link, send it to another user, and have them import that snapshot from your account into theirs. All snapshots that are imported show up in this category. You can use imported snapshots with the Saas Configurator. 

How do you use Snapshots?

Using snapshots is just as easy as creating them. There are two options when using snapshots: when creating a client account or updating a client account.

Creating Client Account

When you create a new client account, you are provided options on which snapshot you wish to use.


You can choose between any type of snapshot in your account.

Updating Client Account

Let’s say that you already have a client account created and want to link a snapshot to this account. You would go to the agency level and then the Sub-Accounts area. You would select the account you want to load the snapshot, go to the actions menu in the top right corner, and select Load Snapshot.

load snapshot menu

You can then choose any snapshot in your account to be applied.

snapshot load

One advantage of loading the snapshot this way is that you can choose which parts of the snapshot to load into the account from calendar settings to an sms template.

snapshot options

Snapshot Options

At some point, the snapshot you created in your account must be updated to include new items. So how do you update snapshots? You must go to Settings and the Snapshot menu option inside the agency view. This is the same place you go to create a snapshot. You have a few options on the menu item for each snapshot. These options are share, refresh, push updates to linked accounts, edit, copy, and delete.

snapshot options


Using this option, you are given three choices on how you want to share. 

share snapshot

Get Share link: This option is for one-time use. You send the link to someone, and it’s only active the first time you use it. It will not work afterward. You will need to generate a new link.

Email share link: Same as above, except you can email it directly from within GoHighlevel.

Get a permanent link: Use this option to have a link that will always remain active.

Once these are clicked, GoHighlevel will import the snapshot into the account under the imported snapshots area. 

RefreshUpdate existing Snapshot

Using this option, you can update the snapshot with any new items in the original client sub-account the snapshot was created from by just clicking this button.

NOTE: If the original sub-account that created the snapshot gets deleted the refresh feature will no longer work.

Push Update To Linked Accounts

This feature is incredible. Say you created 100 client sub-accounts, all using this snapshot. Once you have refreshed the snapshot, you can click this button and push any updates to all accounts. Talk about streamlining your deployment process.


You can change the name of the snapshot with this option.


You can create a copy of the snapshot to save as a backup or do testing.


Will delete the snapshot from your account.

GoHighlevel Snapshots Conclusion

Snapshots are the best way for marketing agencies to quickly create and populate client accounts. Imagine having multiple websites & funnel templates, email campaigns, workflows, triggers, and other marketing automation already in a template that can be applied to a client account. Now combine this great feature with the ability to automate client acquisition using a sales funnel where the account is created automatically after the sale in your funnel, and the client gets an email a few minutes after the purchase saying their account has been created here is a link and their user and password to begin using their account. 

This feature is unique to the GoHighlevel software. It provides an advantage to other sales software systems simply by allowing you to automate the entire sales and client creation process.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you have a great day. 

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