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GoHighlevel now offers the ability to host multiple WordPress sites within the software platform. Let’s take a look.

What is GoHighlevel/Highlevel?

GoHighlevel, or just Highlevel as its users call it, is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for marketing agencies and small businesses. The GoHighlevel platform offers every tool needed to run a business successfully at a fixed monthly cost. The GoHighlevel platform allows you to Whitelabel their software so agencies can use this platform and brand it like it was their own. This allows agencies to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) business and an additional monthly recurring revenue stream. 

Typically, agencies would perform a job for their client, like building a website or running Facebook ads, only to have the job end or the client cancel their service. Now, agencies have to continue to market to find another client. Now, with GoHighlevel, you can migrate your clients off whatever CRM, email marketing tool, phone system, or funnel software they may be using and run their business entirely off the GoHighlevel platform. The best thing about this is that your clients pay you monthly for these services. You can charge $297, $497, or whatever you want to charge for these services, and your client continues to pay for these each month like a utility, creating a stable recurring monthly revenue.

GoHighlevel sets no limits for its users on any paid plan so that you can have unlimited contacts, websites, funnels, email or text templates, and workflows. There are also no limits for storage, so you can host as many videos, files, documents, or images as you or your clients may have.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system used by people to build websites. Current statistics show that over 40% of all websites are on WordPress. Its popularity has grown because of its extensibility and cost. WordPress themes allow you to choose a wireframe design close to how you want your website to look, saving implementation time. The WordPress plugins allow it to be used in various ways and connect to external systems due to its open API and developer base. Building websites using the WordPress system has allowed businesses to grow and scale their business.

Many website hosting providers have offered WordPress sites for a reasonable cost, between $10 and $20 per month.  This price point and the platform’s power make WordPress a top choice for people looking to build a website. 

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Why host WordPress in GoHighlevel?

One of the features that GoHighlevel offers its users is the ability to create unlimited websites and funnels. The websites created are hosted within the GoHighlevel platform, so you pay no hosting fees each month, and it has a robust website builder that allows you to create whatever content you want. However, it’s less extensible than WordPress features with themes and plugins. So rather than having its users use a third party to support WordPress, they integrated it into Gohighlevel and created a way for you to resell this feature to your clients and make additional revenue each month per client. See another part of this post for details.

The GoHighlevel platform aims to provide its users with all the tools to support their and their client’s businesses.

How do you enable the WordPress feature in GoHighlevel?

GoHighlevel has set up the WordPress feature in the GoHighlevel platform to be hidden from all clients by default. You have to enable this feature before your clients even have the option of setting it up. The WordPress feature is hosted inside the Sites menu within GoHighlevel. Here is the menu option you see before WordPress is enabled.

sites menu

Once you enable the feature, you can access the WordPress menu.

sites menu

To enable the WordPress option go to the Agency level and the Sub-Accounts menu. You will see a list of all the client accounts you have set up within your account. You must select the client to enable this feature and enter their account. You will see this within the account.


You must toggle the Offer WordPress option to make the WordPress menu option available. 


Reselling WordPress in GoHighlevel

GoHighlevel was created to allow marketing agencies to profit from this platform. Several options are available within the platform for agencies to charge the client fees for its features. When the WordPress hosting was integrated GoHighlevel again allowed agencies to resell this feature to clients. Once you enable this feature, you can set the price you will charge your client for this service. GoHighlevel base cost for WordPress is $10 a month, so anything more you charge is the profit you get to keep each month.


The default markup price that GoHighlevel sets is $14.99 monthly, allowing you to profit $4.99 monthly per client. You can adjust the $14.99 to whatever cost you want.

Another way GoHighlevel allows you to profit from their software platform. 

Who pays for WordPress in GoHighlevel?

There are two ways to pay for WordPress within GoHighlevel WordPress hosting. The agency can pay for it, or the client. 

Agency Pays For it

If the agency pays for it, it will most likely be included in the monthly subscription price offered to the client. Most agencies offer clients some packages from Standard, Professional, and even Premium packages. For example, the WordPress feature might be offered in the Premium package, so any client purchasing that package would get the WordPress feature included with their monthly costs.

If the agency pays for it, you must select both check boxes on the screen once the feature is enabled.


Once the agency has set up payment, this feature will look like this.


Client Pays For It

If the agency does not offer WordPress in any monthly plan, then the client can purchase it directly at the agency’s established price. This will create a charge to the client each month. The monthly fee charged to the client will go directly to the agency as revenue. There will also be a WordPress base charge for the service added to the agency’s monthly cost for GoHighlevel.

Once the agency enables the feature, the client can purchase this service. This is what they see in their account.

wordpress hosting

The client can click the Get Started button to set up the monthly subscription. 

GoHighlevel integration with WordPress

Once the WordPress has been purchased, you can begin to create the WordPress sites.

Click the Create WordPress button to get started.

start wordpress

Fill out the website details.

wordpress site

You will need to give the system about 20 minutes to set up the WordPress database before you can access the settings within GoHighlevel. 

wordpress site

Once the database has been set up, you can access the dashboard to configure the WordPress site using the WP-Admin site. Here is the WordPress access page.

wordpress site

On this page, you have a URL to access the site and the WordPress admin site access. This page is where you set up a primary domain for your WordPress installation. 

GoHighlevel offers you a couple of other direct access features to WordPress without accessing the WordPress admin dashboard. You can create users for the system and back up and restore the database. 

wordpress site
wordpress site

The GoHighlevel system allows you to review plugins and themes on your WordPress site and activate and deactivate them without going into the admin dashboard.

wordpress site
wordpress site

Migrating Existing WordPress Site

Once your WordPress database has been created and you log in to the GoHighlevel dashboard, you will see a section for using a free plugin called All-In-One WP Migration. You can download and upload the plugin to your WordPress site using this screen. You can then migrate an existing WordPress site to GoHighlevel quickly and easily. 

wordpress site

GoHighlevel WordPress Conclusion

This feature of WordPress hosting is an excellent addition to the existing platform. It has been one of the features that marketing agencies could not provide to their clients through GoHighlevel. Now agencies can add this feature to their client’s accounts at a cheaper cost than the client had been paying a third party.

GoHighlevel software platform continues to show it is the leading platform for marketing agencies by continually providing new tools and innovation to allow you to support your clients more fully.

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